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Different Clicks!

  • artspace-koelnberg_01.jpg

    © Galerie Hubert Wichelmann; „Reflection No. 1“

  • artspace-koelnberg_02.jpeg

    © Isabella Atzberger; „Antilopen Canyon“

  • artspace-koelnberg_03.jpg

    © Kai Oberhauser; „exit“

  • artspace-koelnberg_04.JPG

    © Uwe Schwarzkamp; „Blaue Stunde“

  • artspace-koelnberg_05.jpg

    © Achim Peter; „Neulich an der Nordsee“

  • artspace-koelnberg_06.jpg

    © Markus Derkum; „Break“

clicks! is a new formation of Cologne-based photographers who mostly come from the district of Lindenthal. The group, consisting of 10 artistic photographers, exhibits sophisticated and richly faceted works of the widest variety of techniques, styles and content. A broad spectrum of contemporary artistic photography, an exhibition of individual character, from abstract-experimental via documentary, street photography, to landscapes and spaces, portraits and architecture.

Kunstverein Kölnberg e.V.
Aachener Str. 66
50674 Köln
Belgisches ViertelViertel

Isabelle Atzberger, Uwe Schwarzkamp, Julian Kranzbühler, Hubert Wichelmann, Kai Oberhäuser, Achim Peter, Markus Derkum, Chris Swider, Peter Beckmann, Lisa Marie Ramirez

03.05. – 05.05.2019

09.00 pm

Fri + Sat 11 – 12 a.m.
Sun 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

> Kunstverein Kölnberg e.V.

Kunstverein Kölnberg e.V.