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Artist Meets Archive

  • 12 Reliquiar mit Heiliggeisttaube als Anhänger c.1300, 2019 S .jpg

    © Ola Kolehmainen, Reliquiar mit Heiliggeisttaube als Anhänger c.1300, 2019

  • Leopard_RonitPorat.jpg

    © Ronit Porat, Leopard

  • Titaud_Zauberspiegel_2015.jpg

    © Roselyne Titaud, magic mirror

  • Fiona_Tan_Agfa-AB2283-print.jpg

    © Agfa Werbeaufnahme, 1950/60er Jahre; Archiv Museum Ludwig

  • 00286_Rautenstrauch_Joest_25.jpg

    © Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum

  • kaarten_Page_029.jpg.jpg

    © Museum für Angewandte Kunst

The Photoszene residency Artist Meets Archive is the central programme of the Photoszene-Festivals in 2018 and 2019, which will showcase the outstanding diversity and quality of photography in the city’s cultural institutions through dialogue with international artists.
Cologne enjoys international renown for its high-calibre photographic stocks: The history of photography is illustrated in the city’s museums and collections, which offer an unique overview of the diversity and dissemination of the medium of photography in art, history and industry. At the invitation of Photoszene Köln, the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum, MAKK - Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, Museum Ludwig, Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Rheinisches Bildarchiv and Die Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur are opening their collections and archives for a joint project for the first time: during the Photoszene Festival in autumn 2018, artists working on the international scene devoted themselves to the bundles and, through their specific gaze and their own artistic practice, enable new ways of viewing sub-sections of the collections.  Residents are invited to use the photographic exhibits in order to develop an intervention which they will present in exhibition form at the Photoszene Festival’s respective partner institutions in May 2019.
The Artists in the Archives are: Erik Kessels (NL), Ola Kolehmainen (FIN), Ronit Porat (ISR), Fiona Tan (NL/IDN), Roselyne Titaud (F) and Antje van Wichelen (BE)

The Exhibitions

© Ronit Porat, Die Bastei, 2019

Artist Meets Archive will be presented on 3 May 2019 at 7 p.m. as part of the exhibition opening of Fiona Tan at Museum Ludwig. Further opening dates in the presence of the artists: Saturday, 4...



IMG_7712 Kopie.jpg
© Archiv visit with Ronit Porat, photo: Silivu Giuman

What's new in the project "Artist Meets Archive"? Here we share current information about our artists and their exhibition houses. Every Monday we introduce a participant on Facebook.>>Follow...


Erik Kessels

erik kessels_portrait.jpg
© Courtesy of the artist

Dutch artist, designer, publisher and curator Erik Kessels (*1966) is internationally renowned for his humorous, clever and pithy dealing with photography and found footage. He will devote himself...


Ola Kolehmainen

© Maija Toivanen

Finnish artist Ola Kolehmainen (*1964) is interested in photography in its duality as haptic object and information-carrier for illustrated architecture. At the Rheinisches Bildarchiv he will deal...


Ronit Porat

RonitPorat@Yair Barak.jpg
© Yair Barak

In her works, Israeli artist Ronit Porat (*1975) confronts the question of how archives cause history to come into being and, from time to time, interweaves archive material and biographical texts....


Fiona Tan

© A van Leeuwarden

In her oeuvre, Amsterdam based artist Fiona Tan (*1966), confronts the question of the role and significance of images in the interplay of recollection, time and history. She will deal with an...


Roselyne Titaud

roselyne musee 23.jpg
© Yves Bresson

French artist Roselyne Titaud (*1977) will conduct research in the archives at the Photographische Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur. Objectively documentary photography is an essential point of...


Antje van Wichelen

© Courtesy of the artist

Belgian artist Antje van Wichelen feeds photographs from colonial image archives into her film works and inserts them into new narratives. Her intervention will refer to the photography collection...


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