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Stille Orte – Stille Ansichten

  • artspace_smend_kroth_00.jpg

    © Claudia Kroth; Kleines Rückzugshaus von Peter dem Grossen in St. Petersburg

  • artspace_smend_kroth_1.jpg

    © Claudia Kroth; Nationalfriedhof Arlington in Washington DC

  • artspace_smend_kroth_6.jpg

    © Claudia Kroth

  • artspace_smend_kroth_7.jpg

    © Claudia Kroth

  • artspace_smend_kroth_8.jpg

    © Claudia Kroth

  • artspace_smend_kroth_9.jpg

    © Claudia Kroth

In the turbulence of our times we need silent places or silent views in order to find ourselves again. These can be landscapes, buildings or even things that we discover and contemplate as we take a break. We can find them everywhere. They are like quiet islands in the sea of hustle and bustle. The exhibition shows shots of landscapes, buildings, place and things in many countries and cities.

Galerie Smend
Mainzer Str. 37
50678 Köln

Claudia Kroth

07.05. – 12.05.2019

06.30 pm – 09.00 pm

11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

> Galerie Smend

Galerie Smend